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Heated CVD Inlet Heated / CVD
Combining an internally heated, teflon lined and insulated inlet design with our automated plunger, this scrubber can reduce your scrubber related downtown to zero.
Poly Etch CVD Inlet   Poly Etch / CVD
Highly efficient gas scrubbing with patented gas inlet devices that minimize restrictions.
High Temperature Inlet   High Temperature Inlet
For high temperature gas stream up to 220ºC.
Epitaxial Inlet   Epitaxial
Airgard specialized gas entry device that minimizes inlet restrictions and an automated gas inlet plunger that extends the hands-on maintenance interval to every 6 months.
"The AIRGARD scrubber is our system of choice for Epi abatement."
                  ~ Unattributed Author

Case Studies
  1. A device manufacturer discovered significant build up of explosive deposits downstream of their photoresist strip tools. AIRGARD scrubbers were installed to remove the explosive ammonium compounds from the gas stream before they can plate out in the exhaust plumbing.

  2. In 2004 AIRGARD was contacted by a silicon wafer manufacturer with a request to help reduce the down time they were experiencing in their epi fab. It was soon found that with their fab’s 27 epitaxial reactor chambers running at full production rates, the existing abatement system was requiring approximately 370 hours a year of down time in just scheduled preventative maintenance alone. As a result of the high maintenance, unreliability and the inefficiency of their existing scrubber abatement system, the company estimated that they were unable to process over 12,000 wafers at a cost of approximately $890,000 per year in lost revenue.

    AIRGARD Cyclone scrubbers were installed to replace their existing abatement system and the cost savings became immediately apparent. The AIRGARD scrubbers wasted less gasses, water, power and reduced yield losses resulting in a conservative ROI of just 13 months. The customer operated these scrubbers in their fab for 6 years, saving them over 4 million dollars. They have since moved the AIRGARD scrubbers to another line where they continue to operate and save money for the company.


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