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Heated CVD Inlet Heated / CVD
Combining an internally heated, teflon lined and insulated inlet design with our automated plunger, this scrubber can reduce your scrubber related downtown to zero.
Poly Etch CVD Inlet   Poly Etch / CVD
Highly efficient gas scrubbing with patented gas inlet devices that minimize restrictions.
High Temperature Inlet   High Temperature Inlet
For high temperature gas stream up to 220ºC.
Epitaxial Inlet   Epitaxial
Airgard specialized gas entry device that minimizes inlet restrictions and an automated gas inlet plunger that extends the hands-on maintenance interval to every 6 months.
"The AIRGARD scrubber is our system of choice for Epi abatement."
                  ~ Unattributed Author

The Cyclone
The Cyclone

The Cyclone is AIRGARD’s deluxe scrubber model and includes all the advanced features that allow AIRGARD to claim zero scrubber related process tool downtime.

  1. Eductor Cone
    Keeps exhaust line at slightly negative pressure (a nominal draw of 1”-2” of water.)
  2. Gas Inlet Devices
    Specialized gas inlet devices minimize rate of restriction and automatic gas inlet plunger removes restrictions without process interruptions.
  3. Packed Column
    The final polish. Packing requires no maintenance or replacement.
  4. Second Scrubbing Chamber
    Five fine sprays, high velocity nozzles ensure effective removal of impurities.
  5. First Scrubbing Chamber
    Coarse spray, high flow nozzle coats chamber and removes bulk impurities.
  6. Fresh Water Input
    Strategic position increases efficiency, minimizes water use and eliminates foam.
  7. Pump
    Corrosion resistant, high output and long life.
    Recirculates 25GPM.
  8. Sump Geometry
    Unique pump input, drain, and fresh water input locations prevent foaming, sediment, and minimize water use.
  9. Small Footprint
    24 ½” X 32 ½”
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