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Heated CVD Inlet Heated / CVD
Combining an internally heated, teflon lined and insulated inlet design with our automated plunger, this scrubber can reduce your scrubber related downtown to zero.
Poly Etch CVD Inlet   Poly Etch / CVD
Highly efficient gas scrubbing with patented gas inlet devices that minimize restrictions.
High Temperature Inlet   High Temperature Inlet
For high temperature gas stream up to 220ºC.
Epitaxial Inlet   Epitaxial
Airgard specialized gas entry device that minimizes inlet restrictions and an automated gas inlet plunger that extends the hands-on maintenance interval to every 6 months.
"The AIRGARD scrubber is our system of choice for Epi abatement."
                  ~ Unattributed Author

Dan White
Team Background

Dan White, Chairman & CEO
Dan was an early principal at Airgard, starting with the company as its first CFO in 1991. With over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor capital equipment industry, including C-level and Board positions, Dan has the breadth of experience to transition Airgard into a leading global equipment supplier. He received his MBA in Finance and Accounting from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Mark Johnsgard



Mark Johnsgard, CTO
Mark started in the industry in 1972, operating and maintaining epi reactors and scrubbers, and founded Airgard in 1988. With over 40 years of hands-on experience designing, operating, and maintaining semiconductor equipment, Mark supports all process and facility related abatement issues that involve Airgard scrubbers. Mark designed and patented the original Airgard scrubber, and he continues to improve and create new products at Airgard.
Mark Johnsgard



Kevin McGinnis, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Kevin McGinnis joined Airgard in February 2014 and is responsible for sales, marketing and business development. Mr. McGinnis is a semiconductor/solar industry veteran with a demonstrated track record of complex solution selling in competitive markets for Fortune 500 companies for high ticket capital equipment, software and technology services.

He served KLA-Tencor, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and GCA Corporation in increasingly responsible roles in engineering management, product management, and sales. This experience complements the leadership team as Airgard develops and delivers next generation Point Of Use abatement solutions to address increasingly demanding environmental standards.

Joe Ploshay   Joe Ploshay, VP – Operations
Joe Ploshay joined Airgard in 2006 and is responsible for overall operations at Airgard. Joe has over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor equipment industry in all aspects of Operations, Materials and Logistics, from startup through multinational organizations. Previous to Airgard Joe held various executive and management operating positions at DB Schenker, TLS, Mattson Technology, and Lam Research.
Martin Johnson   Martin Johnson, CFO & Secretary
Martin has over 25 years’ financial experience with early-stage companies in Silicon Valley.  He has held C-level positions for the past ten years with companies in the semiconductor capital equipment, telecommunications, and composites industries.  Martin has set up and scaled the financial and administrative systems enabling these companies to expand rapidly.  He received his MBA in Finance and International Business from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and holds the CMA and CFM designations from the Institute of Management Accountants.


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