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Heated CVD Inlet Heated / CVD
Combining an internally heated, teflon lined and insulated inlet design with our automated plunger, this scrubber can reduce your scrubber related downtown to zero.
Poly Etch CVD Inlet   Poly Etch / CVD
Highly efficient gas scrubbing with patented gas inlet devices that minimize restrictions.
High Temperature Inlet   High Temperature Inlet
For high temperature gas stream up to 220ºC.
Epitaxial Inlet   Epitaxial
Airgard specialized gas entry device that minimizes inlet restrictions and an automated gas inlet plunger that extends the hands-on maintenance interval to every 6 months.
"The AIRGARD scrubber is our system of choice for Epi abatement."
                  ~ Unattributed Author

The Encompass
The Encompass

The Encompass is a new option for semiconductor exhaust management. The combination of two scrubber technologies (Wet + Burn-Wet) into a single platform allows for the efficient removal of water soluble gases prior to the Burner. This lowers NOx by removing ammonia before the burner and minimizes particle formation in facilities ductwork by removing precursors in the pre-wet scrubber. Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) is maintained without frequent maintenance. Revolutionary burner design and the pre-wet scrubber virtually eliminates burner maintenance and consumables. With active back flash suppression and wet wall burner technology, Encompass is the safest abatement tool on the market at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

  1. Independent Pre-Scrub Chambers
    prevents mixing of incompatible gases.
  2. Wet Wall Burn technology
    “encompasses” the thermal zone with recirculated water and corrosion resistant materials..
  3. Chamber Parts
    are protected from corrosion and deposits are prevented from forming retiring routine maintenance for the burner.
  4. Multi-Zone Burner Technology
    exploits existent process gases without diluting the main flame effecting DRE.
  5. True “Green Mode”
    operation is obtainable by digital on and off cycles of the flame and resultant thermal profile.
  6. Application Benefits Examples
    W-CVD - WOx deposits created by burning WF6
    CVD Nitride – 90% reduction in NOx by Wet scrubbing NH3
    EPI – Anti-back flash technology for flame suppression and pressure relief
  7. Cost of Ownership
    1. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership achieved by elimination of routine maintenance and consumables
    2. Highest Return On Net Assets and Overall Equipment Efficiency is achieved by superior uptime and availability
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